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It's time for women to shine and step out of the shadows after centuries:
Grow our businesses together!
New decade is here.
How do you want to start it?

Global Future Women bring versatile women leaders and professionals but also

different organisations together to be the new game changers to enrich and enable

business opportunities for women.  


For the first time a unique group of women professionals, leaders and doers,

from all over the world will gather together in Finland, the world's best and

happiest country, to make a change for better future. Are you ready to step into the next level? Don’t be left behind!


We provide you with
                              Best concrete practice to develop yourself as a leader.
                       Meaningful network you need to grow your business. 
                              Encouragement and Empowerment to overcome your fears.
                              Latests data of global research women in business.

So you are able to be and keep up being the game changer. 


We don't care if you're a newbie in business or CEO with years of practice. 

In this seminar we all share knowledge, learn from others, gain valuable network 

and get support to start cooperation. We are all equal, we are all professionals,

who are keen on developing ourselves constantly. We want you to come and

join us with an open mind and ready to take your business to the next level

by meeting the right women, who can do it with you. Learn to know your limits

and recognise where and when you need others help.
Great stories and life are build together.

Get to know our worldwide and talented speakers of the day
who are ready to share their wisdom of expertise, journey with winding experience
and best practices during the seminar. More info of them below the page. 
Our Honorary Guest Keynote Speaker
H.E. Rev. Dr. Princess Asie Kabuki Ocansey 
is a member of the Ocansey Royal Family of Ada, Ghana, Africa.
H.E. Rev. Dr. Princess Ocansey is a theologian, mother, author,
engineer, businesswoman, award winning philantropist, 
an expert African Union Migration advisor 
and a respected motivational speaker.

Get your seminar ticket with your peers and colleagues
and don't be left behind of the great evitable change to become part of it among hundreds of women globally.
Seats are limited, be quick! 


Special Launching Ticket for Early Birds, who are real influencer, proactive doers and great networkers. You live your vision and mission but you are always keen on educating yourself more with international touch, new experiences and encounters.

* Full day seminar and Workshop session

* Morning and afternoon coffee,         

   lunch and bites

* Active round table with partners 

* Concrete take aways from the seminar

* Networking Cocktails 6pm-9pm

250 €

+ vat 24%


Seminar Ticket is for you who want 

to be part of something special and learn from the best in various business fields. You are effective doer, ambitious influencer and proactive woman with vision. You reach your goals, seek new opportunities.


* Full day seminar and Workshop session

* Morning and afternoon coffee,         

   lunch and bites

* Active round table with partners 

* Concrete take aways from the seminar

* Networking Cocktails 6pm-9pm

350 €

+ vat 24%


Seminar Ticket is for you who want to be among of best forerunners and role models to keep up your knowledge, enlarge your network and find new ways with best solutions to become a better leader with open mind. You shine the light for others.


* Full day seminar with first row seats

   and Workshop session

* Morning and afternoon coffee,         

   lunch and bites

* Active round table with partners 

* Concrete take aways from the seminar

* Networking Cocktails 6pm-9pm


* Exclusive 2 hour lunch session with

   selected speakers on friday 6th, March 

   at 12qm - 3pm, ONLY Limited number       of VIP tickets available

450 €

+ vat 24%


Purchased ticket can be forwarded to another person

when informing the name change to the organiser beforehand by email. 

Sales contact 

+358 44 96 11 505

For Media accreditation

We are happy to welcome media to our business seminar.
For media accreditation, please contact organisers
to receive your ticket.

Speakers and Hosts
Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Princess Asie Kabuki Ocansey (Ghana, AFrica)
our Guest of Honour Keynote Speaker 

H.E. Rev Dr. Princess Ocansey is theologian, mother, author, businesswoman, engineer, an expert African union Migration Advisor, and a vessel God has chosen for these times, as a voice for global reconciliation, education, peace, justice and job creation.

H.E. Rev Dr. Princess Ocansey is a multiple award winning philantropist and a sought after motivational speaker. She is committed to the restoration, reunion and reconstruction of the larger African family as well as of all mankind to live in harmony with love, according to God's original plan.

H.E. Rev Dr. Princess Ocansey is a world renowned multiple award winning legal migration expert, an Engineering graduate of Rutgers University College of Engineering - USA, with a Theology Doctorate from CICA Seminary and University of Canada.

She is the C.E.O of SOS Global Investments, a global holding company with multiple portfolios including, Vivabox Ghana - a tech company, SOS Labour Ghana Ltd- a Career Development and job placement agency and the rural Nekotech Royal Academy for Peace and Development - with philanthropic initiatives which include the White House and Buckingham Palace acclaimed Save A Million Lives from HIV/AIDS Initiative with several Hollywood stars, Climate Injustice, SOSJOBS4WOMEN Ghana and of the Diaspora National Service with the Diaspora Affairs Office, Office of the President of Ghana.

She believes that by walking in the extravagant love of Christ and in following His example can humanity live the glorious life promised by God. She founded the Angels of Hope Orphan support initiative in Ada which cared for 852 orphans for five years.

She is the founder of The Royal Return: Return of the Royals a global Diasporan Economic, Ecclesia and Enter tainment Experience, which seeks to build sustainable bridges between Ghana and high networth Diasporans for the Transformation and restoration of broken family ties and wealth building. She was recently named Honorary Chairperson for the USA renowned Justice Action Mobilization Network (JAMN) a high level social justice advocacy group in Washington, DC. She serves on the 22 Experts Board of the African Union Labour Migration Advisory Committee which advises African Governments on legal Migration. 

She lives by 1 Corinthians 16:14. Do everything in love. She is a mother of one biological daughter, Funmi, 4 adopted sons and 5 adopted daughters.

Maija Ilmoniemi. Media and social impact. (Fin)
Our sparkling, bubbly and warm hearted Host of the day

Sparkling Finnish radio and event host. She's an artist and entertainer whose most important goal is to bring joy, excitement, inspiration and action to everything she does. As an event host Maija is bubbly and versatile. Her energy is something of a kind, and she aspires to leave no one in the audience cold. She enjoys doing things differently and is continuously looking for new ways of presenting ideas and touching and moving people. The light she brings with her will not be forgotten even after an event. Maija wants to assure in every possible way that the time spent with her and the events she hosts will stay in memories.

Anu Kuistiala. Media, communication and business management. (Fin)
Our bold and smily Moderator of Bosses Panel Discussion

Independent consultant, author of the book Johtajanaiset (Women in Power). Former Editor-in-Chief for MTV News, Finland´s biggest commercial tv-station, with over 25 years of experience in media business. Currently speaking, coaching and empowering women to become leaders via her company Quick Media Ltd. 

Christina Andersson. AI, robotics, leadership and board profession. (Fin)

Cristina is an award winning and highly professional expert of leadership in the era of the new AiRo technologies and she is the Founder at Airawise Ltd. She is a board member in many companies, teacher, trainer, a business consultant plus a pioneer in social networking online. Cristina is a visionary, strategist and predictor of future. She works as a WinCoach, is a true renaissance woman, who has studied her topics widely through classical singing, inventorship, ice-hockey and participating in social activities.

Priyanka Banerjee. Diversity management, leadership and tech. (Ind-Fin)

Diversity & Inclusion coach, a keynote speaker and the CEO and Co-founder of BusinessWiz Oy. She has several years of experience in managing diverse teams

and is specialized in global client & customer interactions.She worked with teams and leaders across the globe as a consultant while working in one of the worlds largest

IT companies and later moved on to explore the dynamics of international business

and entrepreneurship.


As an entrepreneur, she helps companies to enhance their intercultural competence and increase productivity & innovation. Her mission is to help leaders understand the power of diversity and utilize it to unleash the hidden potential of their teams.

Alexandre Olive. Business development, coaching, leadership.(Geneva,CH)

Master Consultant & Internationally Renowned Premium Consulting Business Expert with over 20 years experience in more than 80 countries, Alexandre helps entrepreneurs and consultants develop growth strategies to scale their business fast based on the potential for their businesses to become "premium" brands. Having worked with Dior, Cartier and Breguet, and other prestigious brands, as well as becoming the youngest ever Vice President of The Swatch Group, Alexandre has developed his "Premium Consulting Methodology", taught to hundrends of consultants looking to develop higher demand, greater margins, better customer experiences, increased loyalty... and, at the end of the day: more impact and more profits.

Sini Havukainen. Healthcare, technology and leadership. (Fin)

Professional midwife, nurse CEO and co-founder at Layette, Sini realized the value of maternity knowledge of Finland to be a national treasure after spending couple of years in Silicon Valley, California with her family. Throughout her startup company Layette she now exports world’s best maternity knowledge of Finland to the rest of the world. Layette app helps mothers and families globally to access maternity information that is accurate, proven and can save lives. Thanks to Sini’s vision, energy and leadership Layette has won in Finland nearly all possible awards that a healthcare startup can dream of. She enjoys helping startups by coaching and as a board member.

Suzana Milovic. Leadership, diversity and management. (DK)

She is passionate diversity Keynote Speaker, Change Leader and Boardmember at Kvindeøkonomien (Female Economy - a danish union). My business tagline is “Let’s bring Integrity, Humanity and Diversity back into business”. 

Suzana holds a HD in Organization and Management specializing in Change Management and Innovation and an education as Stress Coach. inspirational talks on Negotiation, Sustainable Business, Stress Prevention and Women in Business. She inspires and motivates companies for change, creating healthier and better teams, companies and bottom lines with and through a more conscious approach to business development and change management, without compromising integrity in the way of doing business, employees' mental health and the planet. She has12 years of work experience from A.P. The Møller-Maersk Group as Procurement Partner, IT Project Manager and Contract Dealer before starting her own business some years ago.

FINDIX research - Susanna Saikkonen. (Fin)
the latest Research of diversity in Finnish listed companies 

Susanna is CEO of Joosuanpuu Ltd, co-author of FINDIX research report, a unique study on diversity of leadership of Finnish publicly listed companies. She works passionately as corporate responsibility consultant. During her career, Susanna has worked on brand development of international technology brands and has over 10 years of experience in corporate responsibility and social development projects. She is passionate about improving diversity and inclusion in business.

Milla Saaristenperä. Technology and leadership. (Fin)

Leader in information management and digitalization who has worked her entire career in international large corporations while living on three continents. She now leads KONE from traditional equipment business towards platform business. She will talk about how an IT background has become an asset in business transformations, when digitalization brings technology from the R&D caves to the forefront of business. When most business colleagues are not so tech-savvy, there is also a need to translate and simplify the technology jargon, and focus on how it enables new ways to create value for customers.

Erja Retzén. Technology and finance. (Fin - Nordic countries)

Senior Managing Director at Nasdaq Nordic, Global Listing Services. She works closely with existing and future issuers listed on Nasdaq Nordic, and furthermore specializes in mining, clean tech, and gaming, as well as in the growth company scene. She has held several executive positions in the company. Prior to Nasdaq Erja had managerial roles within marketing communications, business excellence, and project management. Erja holds a M.Sc. (Eng.) in industrial engineering and management.

Janne Neuvonen. Media trends and leadership. (Fin-USA)

Serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO who has been there, done that, seen almost everything. Good & hard times, gone through 2 Exits already and is building the next one. Janne's latest company is BCaster, in media-tech industry, takes him to travel all around the world since 2017 and just couple of years it starts to look to be one of the biggest Finnish startups ever. BCaster connects audience with user-generated content and thus works as one of the most engaging community tool. Photos and videos captured by the users are increasingly relevant in engaging audience, partners and fans. Janne lives through success, leads his global company with smile and great enthusiasm, and he really knows it is hard taking lots of work to build it function well enough - good things doesn't come easily. He is also the man behind Norppalive, his so far most famous project with WWF Finland's, which tries to save extreme rare Saimaa ringed seal from extinction: there is only 400 left in the world.

Hissu Hyvärinen. Technology and leadership. (Fin)

Woman behind data scientist in the field of technology and emotions. Hissu tells us how technology can help us to do business and recognise emotions for business purposes. Hissu recently defended doctoral thesis on the expression of emotions on social media. Her background is in natural language processing and computer science, and anything related to analyzing data – especially human language – makes her happy and excited. She will open up her story and discoveries in tech, emotions and leadership.ärinen

Ilona Ylinampa. Technology, sales and leadership. (Fin)

Ilona Ylinampa works as Director, Head of Content Management at Fujitsu Finland. She has been awarded as Sales Director of The Year 2019 in Finland. At Fujitsu Ilona runs a business of Information Management solutions. She calls herself a ‘social geek’ excited in sales and technology. Her passion is to transfer technology cloud solutions to business benefits and build long lasting relationships with customers together with her unit. Ilona wants to challenge both internal and external people to think outside the box, be creative, open to new ideas and deliver excellent solutions.

Aino-Kaisa Saarinen. Sports, wellbeing and leadership. (Fin)

She is former World Champion and Olympic medalist in cross-country skiing; She was 20 years as a professional athlete, winning 15 medals in Olympic games and world championships. Ending sports career 2018 and working now1,5years as a Secretary General of Lahti Ski Games.

Evelyn Mora. Media, fashion and leadership. (Fra-Fin)

She is a strategist and consultant, founder of multimillion-euro market value brand Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW), a keynote speaker, lecturer, mentor, and a soon to be published author based in Paris. Ever since she graduated as a product developer and service designer, she is devoted to creating a future based on sustainable innovation and design. She has worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Environment of Finland, Vogue, and Alexander Taylor LTD, among others. Evelyn’s passion for environmental sustainability and design stemmed when she founded HFW and made Helsinki the capital of sustainability in fashion. Here she initiated the circular EcoVillage-concept that was acclaimed as “The most progressive event” by The Independent UK in 2018 and “By far the most provocative and promising platform” by Forbes USA in 2019. 

As an internationally distinguished spokesperson for sustainability, she has been featured in BBC World Business TV, Forbes USA, Dezeen, Marie Claire, L’officiel, The Guardian, Le Parisienne, Vogue Magazines like Australia, China, Italy, Germany, Korea, among others. Evelyn also contributes articles to magazines like Forbes China on topics around sustainability, technology and business. She is an invited keynote speaker and lecturer. Well-known contributions have earned her repute as a “Change-agent” by Vogue Australia, a “Sustainable trailblazer” by WWD, a “Game changer” by Glamour South Africa, “Multi-talented” and “Genius” by Vogue Italy.

Heikki Rotko. Media, diversity, entertainment and leadership. (Fin)

a "What's Next in Digital Media" person. Heikki has worked in media industry all his career and is always seeking for new streams. He says: "It doesn't mean that the old is gone but the new ads layers to the old and that makes this exiting." He has spend his working time as Chairman, Board Member and angel investor in digital companies that serve media, sports and entertainment sectors.

Heikki has a broad CEO level expertise having led Finland's largest Private broadcaster MTV Oy (part of Bonnier Group) and also having been chairman of Egta which represents over 130 European broadcasters. He got his digital kicks in 1997 when he started, led and took public Satama Interactive which operated in 7 different markets on three continents. Heikki is a sports freak, family man and hell of an active barbequer.

Hanne Nuutinen. Diversity, social impact, events and strategies. (Fin)
Founder of Huipulle concept and HuipulleWomen seminars

Hanne is a shining personality with smile. She is a strategist, visionary, event specialist and founder of Huipulle concept. Hanne is enthusiastic networker who combines people and businesses together with a unique and relaxed way with positive energy and such a touch thus creates impact on people and business growth. Hanne has background in tourism and event industry, she is natural sales and marketing person with large international network. Her background within the industry nearly 20 years in many positions from worker to director and founder gives her great perspective and insights to give back to others as a coach, speaker and business partner. She has gone through many phases of those companies, build sales from scratch, led 150 employees and created social impact. She is passioned people person, who likes to live life to the fullest. She thrives from continues learning, self development, sport, music and people.

Other speakers

There are some keynote speakers and panelist who we will announce soon and they are excited and happy to come to meet us all and share their knowledge of being a true leaders with vision and mission. Share based on their experiences in business how you can find your way to Huipulle and what does it take to stay up there.


We'll announce them before the seminar, along the weeks, so stay tuned and follow us. These interesting forerunners, men and women, you really want to hear and meet at the cocktail session after seminar!

Our Distinquished Partners 

There are many people behind our educational event and partners are definetly one of the most valuable parts of each events.


Nasdaq has supported Huipulle Business seminars from the very beginning and we are proud to have them as part of our Huipulle community and partnering many ways. 

Vincit is not just another software company. We restore your faith in the future with human-driven digital transformations. Software Design & Development, Emerging Technologies, and Digital Platform Services that make sense

We will point them out in social media along the weeks before the seminar. So stay tuned and keep your eyes open. 

will be updated soon
09:45 - 10:15
12:00 - 13:00
15:00 - 15:40 
18:00 - 21:00 
Networking morning Coffee & Bites. 
Welcome to the seminar
Session 1.
Welcoming words will open our Global Future Women seminar officially by a special speaker introducing us a little piece of finnish culture.

- It will be followed by an interesting talk and interview about the facts & figures of Global research Women in Business and actions towards it.
Susanna Saikkonen, FINDIX reseach of finnish listed companies shows how Finland is doing on diversity in leadership. Can we learn something from it?
Official Stock Market Opening by Nasdaq Nordic.
In the bell ringing ceremony sharp at 10.00 am the Nasdaq Nordic stock market will be opened on spot at Finlandia Hall. This is a nice way to bring the stock markets closer to the investors and audience, and encourage people to find out more what’s happening on the equity markets. Who shall be the Special Guest ringing the bell?
Session 2. What does it take to set goals and build your dream career?
Interactive Panel Discussion with interesting women on top positions from variety of businesses. They will share their journey and lessons learned of winding but target set visionary paths with unique personal passion thus leadeing towards wellbeing and successful career.
- Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, Secretary General of international Lahti Ski Games 
- Sini Havukainen, midwife, founder and CEO of Layette healthcare company
- Pauliina Littorin, Art Investment professional and Art Forgeries, Ph.D
- Evelyn Mora, Strategist, founder of million business HelsinkiFashionWeek
KeyNote. Diversity. How women can make an impact? 
Suzane Milovic.
How diversity in business leads us towards success and better life for all of us?
- Suzane Milovic will teach us how women must first realize their own value and the power they carry in their wallets, which is Suzana’s passionate and personal mission to make women especially realise it. What passion, action and network mean?
Suzane is a diversity coach, keynote speaker, change Leader and board member at Women Economics in Denmark. Her intention and focus is on the needed collective transformation and change from old ways of doing business that compromises ourselves and our mental health to bringing back integrity, humanity and diversity back into business. She fully believes that more gender diversity in business is the key to sustainability and compassion.
Lunch Break. Business Mingle. 
Get some fuel from tasty food, mingle with partners and other attendees to find out new encounters, enabling opportunities for you and business. 
Session 3. Taking action and growing for better leadership. 
Future workforce for successfull business. 
- Priyanka Banerjee, coaches @Businesswiz about Diversity and inclusion helping you to explore the dynamics of international business and the power of diversity to utilize it to unleash the hidden potential of your teams.
- Hissu Hyvärinen works @Vincit and will share us how emotions are put together in technology. Can we utilize them for better leadership and workforce efficiency.
Tea Latvala, Founder and CEO of startup called TEATIAMO will tell us her story and tips of leadership and goals, how sensitive and sensuel business is growing world wide from Lapland and why sustainability takes parts as wooden products.
KeyNote. Premium Business.
Alexandre Olive.
What is premium business and how premium is achieved? How strategy, quality and customer experience are build? What does it takes to be a premium?
Alexandre Olive will share his expertise and tips of how anyone of us can build premium business, and what it takes to do it. He has been working with the world's best brands for years and was one of the youngest leaders ever who made it to the top. Now he is willing to share those strategies and tips to you during this session for your businesses to become a "premium" brand. Are ou ready to take your business to the next level up?
Afternoon Coffee break.
Session 4. Media and Technology in business and leadership. 
Woman in big tech corporation leading,influencing and benefiting of Technology.
- Milla Saaristenperä, Business Program Director, leader in information 
management and digitalization at Kone tell how a woman is leading world wide tech company and why engineering jobs are interesting also for women.
Media trends in future global business 
- Janne Neuvonenfounder and ceo of BCaster Media-Tech company. Janne will share us how media trends are changing and what we need to notice in order to succeed in our businesses. Media and business will merge more in the future. Digital platforms allow companies to gain more and more visibility, and same time responsitivity and sustainability are more important than ever. How business can control their brand image and same time activate people to their brand ambassadors? New generations through their behavior define patterns that businesses must take into account in their activities. and media trend company where connectings audience with user-generated content thus works as one of the most engaging community tool.
Session 5.
How educating women make a difference in business and society?
Bosses Panel Discussion on diversity in business and thus female education opportunities with versatile business leaders.
- Moderator Anu Kuistiala, as a former Editor-in-Chief and a journalist, will guide us thought actively and digging deep into this interesting globally influencing topic with top Leaders from variety of businesses sharing their insights. We hear why and what we all should and could do about it.
Ilona Ylinampa, Director, Head of Content Management at Fujitsu.
- Christina Andersson, Boardmember, Founder at Airawise, teacher, teacher,
  trainer, a business consultant and a pioneer in social networking online,
  expert of leadership in the era of the new AiRo technologies.
Heikki Rotko, Boardmember and media wiz
Honorary Quest KeyNote Speaker. 
H.E. Rev. Dr. Princess Ocansey, Ghana, Africa.

Acting globally is also being part of acting locally. Influencing world wide takes courage, passion and a leader who wants the world to be a better place for all of us. 

-- Her Excellency Dr. Princess Ocansey is revealing her story and telling us some tips of becoming world wide influencer, role model, cooperation partner as well as a succeeded business woman and a mother who speaks for others. She will show us how one woman can make a difference and what an impact ones actions are. 

Seminar Take Aways.

To give you best highlights and overview of the sessions.

Huipulle Business Cocktails. Mingle.

Encounters. Music. Show. Interviews. Partners. Fun. Finnish cocktail delicacies. Sparkles.

* We keep ourselves the right to change the program, schedule, speakers, venue or other things in program. Huipulle reserve all the rights* 

Wish to know more about HuipulleWomen,
ask questions on what else we are up to or send us rosy or critical comment?
Be kind to fill your contact info and comment, we shall get back to you very soon.
Have a great happy day, dear!

* Venue will be updated soon.


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